By Denise Ocasio, 执行董事 of 投资 at Mindshare

There is something about “firsts” that just sticks with people. 第一步, 第一个朋友, 第一份工作, first relationship: it all shapes who we become in adulthood and how that “first” affects those around us. 对我来说, being the first in my family to graduate from college meant I would need to navigate a world that wouldn’t always be eager to include my voice. Using that voice has helped guide my career and what I hope to give others: confidence that speaking up with mindfulness, 真实性, and professionalism is how you grow to become a 受信任的 colleague and 业务 partner.

在我的团队里, we value and encourage skills that empower us to make the best investment decisions and drive 业务 results for our clients. While we’re eager to embrace new ways to augment what we do with technology, the throughline in our work is the culture we’ve nurtured and how we uplift one another. I’ve come to appreciate the power of four interconnected principles I use to build belonging and grow my team through shared success. These principles are just as important and applicable to marketing as they are to leadership.


Artificial intelligence has been part of our industry for a while, and generative AI’s explosive surge into the mainstream has only increased its presence in how we work and interact with others. 除了人工智能带来的兴奋, 我听到客户称赞它的真实性, 最重要的是, the humanity we bring to our investment strategies and how we understand their 业务. GroupM and Mindshare are future-focused and committed to exploring new technological horizons, 但亚游线路选择的员工永远是亚游线路选择的与众不同之处. We are, after all, humans working with human clients to serve human audiences. Many brand missteps seem to come from a lack of human awareness and an overreliance on machine learning. Our intuition and subjectivity can make a difference when it comes to advising our clients and leading our teams. 以真智引领,以人工辅助.


I often see executives touting the scale of teams they oversee, with numbers in the thousands suggesting massive leadership ability. As we’ve seen with marketing moving from a reach-based model to one focused on impact, 然而, I feel a shift toward measuring ability through a leader’s impact — on their people, 业务, 还有客户——远离“印象”模式. 没有实质的规模只是一个大数字, and buying mass impressions is relatively easy compared to buying impactful impressions. How much more can you achieve when you aim for something greater? 作为领导者,是什么驱动了可衡量的影响? 作为一个品牌? Does your team understand how their work contributes to your 业务 goals and the teams they work with? Navigating both an impactful organization and an impactful media buy nets greater lifetime value for you and your brands.


My team is at its best when we’re all confidently rowing the boat in the same direction, 即使亚游线路选择的任务不同. 为了实现这个目标, it’s on me to articulate the company’s vision to my direct reports and empower them to filter that down so we all know why these things matter. 当承担更多的角色和责任时, 接二连三的电话很容易让人看起来 很忙 & meetings, but I often feel I’ve accomplished little of value at the end of those days. 没有“放之四海而皆准”的生产力标准, but the best way to find and avoid unimpactful busy work is to tackle projects with purpose and presence instead of drifting along. The brands we are charged with “doing more with less” for need to do the same — talk to prospective consumers and make every buy productive, 可衡量的, 和有意义.


Every day I work hard to make Mindshare and GroupM a place people don’t want to leave. We all want to be excellent at what our job asks of us — I certainly will always pin myself to being a pretty decent negotiator — but I also always want to be known as an approachable and inclusive leader. 我的拉丁血统一直伴随着我, whether I’m encouraging my team to speak openly and honestly with me or speaking with our valued clients and 业务 leaders.

We can all lead through listening in a way that builds trust — for others to know we’re working for their benefit. 客户的目标就是亚游线路选择的目标, something we discover and refine with their input and partnership, 而不是从上面发号施令. 亚游线路选择的队友也有目标, and making them feel empowered and valued fosters loyalty and shared productivity. 品牌, 太, must listen to consumers and understand their place in culture to build the strongest connections that lead to brand loyalty. 让各个层次的人都感到被重视, 受信任的, and invested in our 业务 gives them the respect I believe we all deserve.

亚游线路选择的行业竞争激烈, 赢得一笔大生意总是(真的)很好, but my best days are when I see someone on my team flourish and feel heard or get recognition from clients by name. 最美好的日子? Those are the days when our clients’ successes mirror my leadership successes. 那些是亚游线路选择一起完成的日子,亚游线路选择是第一名.

本文由丹尼斯·奥卡西奥撰写, 执行董事, 投资, 为纪念西班牙裔传统月,群邑传立. 作为一名西班牙裔女性和市场领导者, Denise shares her thoughtful insights and leadership lessons for those working in the media industry.