4A会员行为准则 sets forth core principles, best practices and guidelines to which 4A’s members agree and adhere.

4A的行为准则源于对声音的信念, ethical and transparent business practices act as an assurance to clients, 以及他们所代表的品牌, that 4A’s member 年龄ncies can be trusted and valued partners.

4A承认激烈而激烈的竞争, 伦理上进行, 对美国商业的发展和健康是必要的吗. 另外, we acknowledge that unethical competitive practices in the advertising business lead to false representations; dilution of service; diversion and erosion of talent; loss of prestige; and a weakening of public confidence, both in marketing mess年龄s and the institutions of marketing and advertising.

重要的是, the 4A’s believes that it has a role within the marketing and advertising industry to help develop and support industry-wide initiatives and operational standards that promote the highest level of responsible behavior possible with regard to business practices and processes.

When the industry collaborates on issues of importance to the general public, 政府干预最小化, and self-regulatory measures can be adopted that ensure an unencumbered ecosystem that upholds the belief that citizen rights are observed and protected.

进一步, we believe that 4A’s marketing communications 年龄ncies should recognize an obligation not only to their clients, 但也对彼此, 他们使用的媒体, 以及广大公众.

因此, the 4A’s Code of Conduct sets forth the following operating principles designed to achieve best practices and guidelines:

  1. 亚游线路选择认为会员不得共享或使用任何非公开的, 保密, “仅限会员”或其他专有信息, 无论来源如何, 与其他成员, 联盟组织, business units or companies for the benefit of gaining a competitive edge. 类似的, 4A会员不得招揽, accept or use non-public or 保密 information obtained by an affiliate or business unit.
  2. In the interest of objectivity where a member is owned by an entity, 部分或全部, regardless of the company’s primary business or where a member owns an interest in a medium or supplier, 它将被披露给4A, 致会员的客户及, 在媒体所有权的情况下, 对其他媒体也一样. This also applies to ownership of media-related technology platforms.
  3. The 4A’s expects members to be active within the marketing communications business to foster the health and well-being of the industry and the clients it serves.
  4. We hold that the marketing communications 年龄ncy should compete on merit and not by attempts to discredit or dispar年龄 a competitor, 直接或推论, 或者通过散布有害的谣言. 4A’s members should also work to promote the integrity of the industry and refrain from disparaging the broader industry, 以及个人选手.
  5. 除了 to supporting and obeying the predominant laws and legal regulations pertaining to advertising, members agree to extend and broaden the application of high ethical standards that benefit the public, 广告客户, 媒体和4A会员本身. Specifically, 4A’s members will not knowingly create, place or distribute:

1)语句, suggestions or pictures offensive to public decency or minority segments of the population.

2) 市场营销 mess年龄s that are intentionally discriminatory, offensive, false or stereotypical.

Comparative messaging shall be governed by the same standards of truthfulness, 索赔证据, 等. 这也适用于其他形式的广告.

  1. Members must take reasonable steps to employ third-party vendors who abide by the 4A’s Member Code of Conduct. 除了, 4A’s members must strive to eng年龄 only with reputable supplier and media platforms, 的指导方针 诚信问责小组.
  2. 此外, members are called upon to avoid employing known advertising formats that are particularly annoying, interruptive or obstructive to consumers as outlined by the 更好的广告联盟. Members should also prioritize businesses that comply with 4A’s-supported 3MS 媒体测量标准.
  3. We also hold that where marketing mess年龄s are placed in a medium that is able to identify a consumer’s personal behavior for the purpose of maximizing eng年龄ment, the consumer shall be provided an opportunity to “opt out” or decline the messaging, 由 数字广告联盟.
  4. 除上述操作原则外, it is our strong conviction that trust and transparency are the cornerstones of the 年龄ncy and client relationship. 为了强调和加强这一信念,4A成立了 透明度行为指导原则 to distill and clarify the standards of conduct that should inform and guide all client and 年龄ncy relationships. It is imperative that member 年龄ncies collaborate with their clients to ensure that contractual provisions regarding media buying and issues related to transparency are mutually understood.
  5. 4A’s members understand that a diverse environment helps achieve strong business results and growth. 因此, in addition to not discriminating against groups in employment, 4A’s members will actively seek to diversify their workforce at all levels across race, 性别, 性取向, 性别认同, 年龄, 宗教, 残疾状况及国籍, 利用4A 创建可持续的差异文化框架.

最后, 亚游线路选择通过签署4A的行为准则来证明这一点, 亚游线路选择的成员机构承诺遵守这些原则, as they are not only in our industry’s best interests but those of the clients and brands they serve as well.